Collaboration / institution


Art Craftsmen:
Atelier Pouedras Piano : Piano-maker / Piano tuner
Atelier Florian Thomas: Guitar-maker / Guitar conservator
Atelier Gérard Queheillalt: Stone carver
Atelier Mazeres: Upholsterer
Atelier des renaissances : Paintings / framing conservator
Atelier Véronique Bezard-Moisset: Paintings conservator
Atelier Perez Despagne Christiane : Gilder
Fonderie des cyclopes: Art foundry
– New Arts Foundry : Art foundry
Atelier Virginie Duthil: Leather upholsterer

Analysis laboratory:
– Expertise laboratory LAE: Specialized in dendrochronological analysis, environmental studies, and in the protection of cultural heritage. For more information click here LAE.
– Expertise laboratory MSMAP: Specialized in physico-chemical studies of antiques and art objects. For more information click here MSMAP


– Institut National des métiers d’art: Public organism pursuing an aim of general interest by supporting art professions. INMA work is organized around 5 missions:

  1. Being an interface between state, territorial authority and professionals.
  2. Supporting research and development to prepare the future of art professions.
  3. Creating exchanges between economy, education and culture.
  4. Setting up networks to promote training, employment and entrepreneurship among young, professionals, and public.
  5. Revealing talent and expertise – organisation of competitions and public events… More information here.

– D.R.A.C. Aquitaine : This institution implement and manage the national cultural policy in the region Aquitaine. For more information, click here.
– Fondation du patrimoine :The essential purpose of the ‘Heritage foundation’ is to save, protect and promote unprotected rural heritage. The heritage foundation can support every type of local heritage including churches, bridges, wash houses, mills, industrial heritage, furniture, natural aeras. This organism mobilizes business sponsorship, helps municipalities and associative owners to finance their projects, and allows the private owners to reduce taxation for their work. For more information click here.
– The D.I.R.E.C.C.T.: This organism is the single interlocutor of business companies, and brings together skills in control, animation and advice. For more information to click here.
– The Blue Shield: The French committee of the Blue Shield was created in 2001, to support in France the application of the convention of “La Haye” on the protection of cultural property in case of armed conflict (1954). If the first mission of this association was bound to the context of war, its role have extended to the protection of the heritage in case of disasters, whether they are of human or natural origin. For more information, click here.