Condition report:

Condition report provides an assessment of the current physical state of an object, the type of damage, its nature, location and extent. The report reflects the state of this object on a specific date.

A condition report can be established in two situations:

  1. To establish a report by an expert on the physico-chemical state of an object, possible damages and the exhibition environment in order to sale, bequeath or insure the object.
  2. To follow the evolution of the state of an object. This report can be made when an object is included in a collection, as well as before and after an exhibition or a transport. Condition reports allow to establish a proposal for treatment or to re-evaluate exhibition, transport or storage conditions.

Content of the condition report:

  • Inventory number / denomination of the object.
  • Description of the object including dimensions, materials, manufacturing techniques and inscriptions or signatures on the object.
  • State of the object including previous treatments or modifications on the object.
  • Date of the report.
  • Name of the object’s owner.
  • Exhibition environment of the object.
  • Acquisition cost of the object.
  • Expert’s name.
  • Photographs of the object from every angle.
  • Annex if applicable (laboratory analysis / remarks / scientific references …)

Terms / data protection:

The report is produced in three copies: 1 sealed copy is archived by our company and 2 copies certified by the company are transmitted to the customer / institution. We keep the document in archive for a period of 15 years, beyond which the report will be destroyed. Our copy can be made available to the customer upon written request in the event of legal proceeding

During the condition report process, we can be brought to work in collaboration with analysis laboratories. During these collaborations, we ensure anonymity and professional secrecy regarding our clients and their objects. The customer and myself are the only persons holding all the information.

Insurance Options:

If the masterpiece is to be studied in our workshop, it must be done by you. Several choices are available to you:

  1. Choose the all-risk insurance, “nail by nail” option in our quotation.
  2. Insure your work yourself, e.g. by taking out an extension to your existing insurance.
  3. Renounce the insurance by signing a waiver

Our prices:
We are neutral and totally independent of the art market. Our prices are only calculated according to the service (analyses and working hours). They are independent of the value of the work studied. The study is payable in advance.