History of the workshop

I am Lionel Fernandes, wood carver, cabinet-maker and conservator of art objects. I started wood working as a child, in the workshop of my father in the north of France. In fact, I benefit from a long-lasting family legacy of wood working by being the 6th generation of cabinet-maker and the 2nd generation of sculptor. After obtaining my degrees in cabinet-making and ornamental sculpture, I made an internship in Greece to pursue my training with a stone and metal sculptor. This allowed me to open new perspectives on my profession and my abilities. This experience enabled me to create my own business at 22 years old, in France (Bordeaux). I had the opportunity to restore all kinds of fine furniture and art objects, from pianos furniture to master pieces of African primitive art. I also created sculptures in wood to honor specific request from customers (Commercial sign / ornamentation / masterpiece / design counselling and creation…).

I then followed my wife who had the opportunity to come in Baltimore, to work as a researcher at Johns Hopkins University. I immediately realized that this move constituted a fantastic opportunity for me to grow in my career path, both professionally and personally. To go along with my wife’s career, we definitely moved from USA to the French-speaking Switzerland in 2020 and started a new exciting adventure.

 I choose this profession by passion and in an attempt to preserve the ancestral know-how of wood carving, which is getting lost in our modern societies. I am committed to provide the best quality of service to my customers and to precisely address their requests, through regular exchanges and thorough discussion about customer’s needs, constraints and expectancies. Being available for my costumers with regular and constructive exchanges, and providing them as much feedback as possible on restoration/creation processes and work progress remain important guiding principles for my work. I also accompany costumers in the fulfilment of their artistic project in wood by providing advice, guidance and by designing with the customer the final object, from the foundation to the finish. The most gratifying part of my work is to create and deliver to my customer their object restored or manufactured, and to notice their satisfaction. Being aware of the ecological impact that my company can have, I use wood certified PEFC & FSC and I preferentially work with local suppliers!

 Teaching has always been an enriching and fulfilling experience. That is why my workshop has developed a training section to share my passion, my knowledges and to transmit my increasingly rare know-how. It is always an exciting opportunity to meet curious and passionate people with their own experience, and to guide them through personalized training process in the concretization of their project.

For more information, do not hesitate to write me via the contact page or to call me at (+41) 078.354.45.90. (By appointment only)