Expertise approach:

Expertise is the procedure in which experts are entrusted with the task of giving an opinion, recommendation or assessment on a defined issue. The expert produces an objective opinion and relies exclusively on technical aspects. An expertise only makes sense if it is entrusted to a person who has all the specific, scientific or technical knowledge necessary to respond to the problem.

We propose two expertise approaches:

  1. Private expertise: Amicable technical advice allows the parties to jointly request an independent expert to obtain a confidential opinion on a technical issue (defect, conformity of a product, etc…). Following the expertise, a documented expertise report is provided to each of the parties and kept on archives for a period of 15 years.  The purpose of this process is to resolve a technical issue and facilitate the resumption of negotiations.
  2. Arbitration expertise: We study and provide possible concrete solutions, that are technically and financially feasible, to respond to a problem determined beforehand. The solutions are presented to the client during information meetings and in a thoroughly documented file. This process can be initiated at any time during the execution of a project, an exhibition or in the context of mediation.

How can you contact us?

Arbitration expertise is implemented jointly by the parties or unilaterally. In the second case, the workshop atelier Lionel Fernandes will contact the other party in order to obtain its agreement.

For the private expertise, you just have to contact us by e-mail or mail to the Atelier Lionel Fernandes workshop with the following information:

  • Civil status or company name
  • The address of the party/parties concerned
  • Presentation of the problem
  • Any document allowing an assessment of the problematic
  • The name(s) of the project leader(s) and their contact information.

During these consultations we may work in collaboration with other specialized experts. We guarantee anonymity, discretion and professional secrecy regarding all information about our clients.

To contact us or to explain your situation, please visit our contact page