Lionel Fernandes is considered as “Art Craftsman” … but what does it mean?

Art craftsman in France:

The “art craftsman” shapes, restores and imagines exceptional pieces at the intersection of beauty and usefulness. An art profession can be defined by the combination of three criteria:

  1. The professional implements complex know-how to transform the material.
  2. The professional produces unique objects or limited quantities which present an artistic character.
  3. The professional masters this job in its entirety.

In France art professions are an immaterial heritage, an inheritance of know-how carefully transmitted over the course of centuries, in the domains of furnishing and decoration, glass and crystal, instrumental workmanship, metal work … etc. This immaterial heritage is a part of our culture. It is rich in its diversity of men and practices. Promoters of history and innovation, art professions represent an infinite resource for all the creators.

The title “Art craftsman” is protected by french law and recognizes the professional qualification and the practice of “arts and crafts” professions.

National Institute of Art Professions:

Operated by the State, the National Institute of Art professions ( I.N.M.A) leads a mission of general interest in the service of art professions. The role of the INMA is organized around 5 objectives:

  • Operated by the the state in the service of art professions.
  • Laboratory of the future of art professions.
  • Head of networks.
  • Source of information for art professions.
  • Ambassador of the new image of art professions.

For more information on I.N.M.A. visit their website here

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