Wildlife Artist

As part of my personal enrichment, to appreciate and broaden my knowledge about materials and/or way of expressions, I discovered the work of Mrs Khwan Barton… I would like to share this discovery with you!

It is often said that sculpture brings us closer and this is particularly true when one follow the career of this artist who manages to capture the movements of living beings and succeed to transcribe them, all with striking realism. Lovers of flora and fauna will be transported through her painting, sculptures, watercolors…etc.

“The paint work, whether oil-based or water-based, whether made with fabric, cement or with the mud of the roads, has only one single meaning: the quality of the one who has created it and the poetry carried by him. Everything is allowed, everything is possible, if behind the picture a man appears, just as it is, naked, like the life. ”
Translated from Roger Bissiere

You will find a series of video of several creations. Do not hesitate to look at this one by clicking on the image below or by visiting the YouTube channel…

For more photos visit the page Google+.

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