Services for professionals and institutions:

The workshop Atelier Lionel Fernandes offers a wide range of services. The list of offers described below is representative but by no means exhaustive. Do not hesitate to contact us by email, telephone or via our form on the contact page for any further information.

– Non-professional training1:
1/ Training in woodwork techniques
2/ Training in the methodology of protection of masterpiece and writing of certificates of authenticity.
3/ Training in the manufacture process & prototype development
– Professional training2,3:
1/ Ornamental Sculptor
2/ Carpenter / Cabinet-maker*
3/ Designer*

– School animations1:
1/ Outreach activity on the profession of ornamental sculptor / cabinet-maker
2/ Outreach activity on the profession of restorer/curator
3/ Outreach activity about wood
4/ Wood arts and crafts workshop
– Leisure training courses for associations1:
1/ Custom-made course on a specific theme (on request only)
2/ Pre-established training modules2. (See catalog)
– Leisure training for private individuals:
1/ Group training (subscription – per month, semester, year / see catalog)
2/ Training module (from a few hours to a few days / see catalog)
3/ Private lessons on request.

1All ages & levels.
2Some modules are subject to strict age requirements or imply pre-requisites.
3We provide training for graduation as a free candidate.
*An audit is carried out prior to the training course in order to determine with the learner the main axes of the training, based on his/her expectations and needs, to ensure the success of the training.

The word of the craftsman:
Art crafts is a difficult world! The practice of these professions requires patience, sensitivity, perseverance, open-mindedness, boldness and practice … a lot of practice. One of my mentors once confided to me: “You must always remain humble and modest in your profession because to be in symbiosis with your art and to touch with your fingertips the perfection, you need time!” He added: “A skilled worker with 10-15 years of experience begins to know what he or she is talking about; a master craftsman with 20-25 years of experience is just getting closer to mastery. But, to reach perfect craftsmanship you have to transmit your knowledge, passion and know-how and make them live”. His words still echo in my memory. That is why, at every moment, I do my best to share my passion and exchange about my profession… This master and mentor shared with me without reserve his passion, values and craftsmanship. In my turn, I wish to perpetuate his legacy and to transmit this magnificent adventure that is the practice of an art crafts profession, and perhaps, arouse new vocations?!