With the coaching sessions, we provide you with personalized support for the realization of your projects. We provide you knowledge and advices in a punctual way and help you overcoming the obstacles in the realization of your project by optimizing the preparatory work & the manufacturing process. Coaching is based on exchange and dialogue in order to find the most appropriate solutions based on your skills/capacities and the constraints of your project.
Coaching differs from private lessons in that we use your knowledge and abilities to help you progress in your project. We put our knowledge and know-how at your disposal to anticipate obstacles and bring simple and effective solutions to the problems you encounter.

A long-term accompaniment can be envisaged.

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Training method:

Experiential learning: Experiential learning is a learning approach through experience, which directly places learners in situations that reflect reality. This approach is based on the learning process rather than on the results (concrete experimentation, reflective observation). The instructor adapts to the learner’s level. The learner will make the group progress by being actively involved in the training and by sharing experiences. This training approach aims to promote the development of learners’ autonomy.