Private instruction

Session of private instruction
A private lesson is a course where the learner is alone with an expert in the field. Private lessons can cover many disciplines related to woodworking, including woodcarving, turning, restoration, modeling, molding, or technical drawing. Private lessons allow you to progress in a controlled environment with the proper tools and the help of a professional to obtain the theoretical and technical background necessary to explore your passion.
The content, training times and prerequisites are established beforehand, through an interview, and indicated in a personalized estimate, prepared according to your needs, expectations and constraints. A training agreement will be sent to you in order to set up the training framework and the rules in force. Private lessons can take place at home or in our workshop.
To start this new adventure, please contact us.

Training method:

Interactive teaching: Interactive teaching allows teaching by actively involving trainees in the learning processes through regular instructor/learner and learner/learner interactions. This method focuses on the understanding and meaning of the course content as opposed to merely memorizing them by rote. Learners are constantly encouraged to be active participants.

Experiential learning: Experiential learning is a learning approach through experience, which directly places learners in situations that reflect reality. This approach is based on the learning process rather than on the results (concrete experimentation, reflective observation). The instructor adapts to the learner’s level. The learner will make the group progress by being actively involved in the training and by sharing experiences. This training approach aims to promote the development of learners’ autonomy.