Heraldry : Coats of arms of Baltimore city & Maryland state.

This project is closely related to the experience of our company. Proud of our 8 years expertise in the field of restoration of artifacts and antiquity, creation of custom-made furniture and wood carving in France and USA, we wanted to highlight the history and the identity of the United States and the know-how of French artisans abroad.

This project started 4 years ago, with the concept of mixing values specific to both France and United States in a single piece ; the self-made man, US patriotic values and the French craftsmanship.

This project involves great technical challenges and can only be accomplished by very few craftsmen in the world. Asserting common values and making this object accessible for everyone by exhibiting it at Peabody Heights Brewery was one of our main priority.

Our workshop carried out the entire manufacture of this coat of arms. The manufacture was done by hand, using state-of-the art traditional wood carving techniques. 

If you want our workshop to carry out any of your project or if you want to buy these coats of arms, please contact us

For more information , kit press available below

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