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In the framework of training, exhibitions or collaborations, I have the pleasure to interact with colleagues passionate by their work. I wished to share these meetings with you. Thanks to the topic “meeting”, you will discover these art craftsmen sharing the same passion. Firstly, let’s start this topic with a brief description of my profession.

Mr Fernandes Lionel / Atelier Lionel Fernandes

What is an ornamentalist sculptor?

The sculptor carve the wood to create shapes and patterns. This technician uses his skills to decorate fine furniture and panels. He is therefore involved in the field of cabinet-making and interior architecture. Although ornamental carving is attached to a background surface and characterized by a small depth, sculptures in the round, such as statues, are defined by their volume and can be observed from any angle. Sculpture on wood is a subtractive carving technique, which allow to create decorative objects, statues or monumental sculpture by removing material from an existing block. Before working on the wood, the ornamentalist sculptor draws in details the model that have to be reproduced. Then, he makes the tracing in full-scale on the wood. Preparatory work can also be made in 3D using modeling (wax or clay) or software. Only thereafter could the sculptor start carving the wood.

This meticulous work requires a lot of patience and concentration. A wide range of tools can be used to sculpt. However, basic tools generally used constitute of a burin and several gouges. Chisels tools are particularly important since they are both supple and precise.

Once a common profession, this activity is now suffering from the evolution of interior architecture, characterized by furniture weakly sculpted, with refined shape and structure. Wood sculptors work on creation and/or restoration of sculpture for both private and professionals (architect, designer, cabinet-maker,…). They can also restore fine furniture from museum collections but have to respect specific requirements to do so.

Source: Mr Fernandes Lionel / INMA

2 thoughts on “Art craftsmen professions / ornamentalist sculptor

  1. My daughter had a huge tree taken down in in her yard in Darnestown, MD. We would like a large carving made from the wood. It needs to be about 6’ tall and some type of abstract or creative design. Do you do this type of work? If not, who could you recommend for us?
    Leila Evans

    1. Hello Leila E.,
      I can take care of this project! In fact, you will be the artist and I will be the craftsman manufacturing the object according to your wishes.

      I will give you guidance regarding the artistic aspect, the different options opened to you and the technical constraints (dimensions, finish, maintenance of the object …). You will decide the specific options, the artistic orientation and I will make the work according to your request.

      We work together on the concept and final drawings of the work and I will manufacture the product of this collaboration.

      It’s a collaborative work where you are the artist!

      I will contact you by email to arrange an interview.

      Thanks for your interest .

      Best regards

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