A mallard duck need a rest and a new beak…

The origin:

Collection mallard duck made by Sr Hersey Kyle, Jr (Wood carver in California, USA) dating from the 80’s.

The restoration:

  • Study of duck sculptures made by Sr Hersey Kyle,Jr.
  • Fabrication and adjustment of the wood implant on the basis of the preliminary study.
  • Carving of the implant.
  • Finishing / staining of the implant.
  • Cleaning of the whole piece.

2 thoughts on “A mallard duck need a rest and a new beak…

  1. Lionel is truly a master at his craft, and while he doesn’t profess to be an artist the truth is everything he does with wood bespeaks his artisanal abilities. In this case, he took a complex duck decoy beak break and made the repair appear not only simple but elegant and fine in every way. As the photographs of his progress on the beak show, he was able to delineate how to design, cut, carve, sand, and paint a new beak into place that brought this lovely decoy back to life (for what is a duck decoy without its prominent beak?). I’ve witnessed a bit of his other work, and this man has craft and skill in abundance. He’s also kind and gentle and communicates throughout the process of his work for you. Truly, Lionel is exceptional. I’m grateful for him and his work. My guess is you will be too….

    1. Hello,
      Thank you very much for these compliments! I am happy to have satisfied you by my work.
      It was great pleasure to meet you.
      See you very soon for other project !
      Regards Lionel

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